Clients and Projects


Clients and Projects *last updated April 2024 March 2000 – C. Richard Noble Portland, OR Animation depicting pericardiocentesis   March 2001 – Ben Martin Dallas, TX Animation depicting insertion of  trans-venous pacemaker   June 2001 –  Molod, Spitz Desantis & Stark New York, NY Illustrations in MVA with multiple injuries   August 2001 – Ben […]


Crawford intubation and cspine hyperextension

Stock Medical Illustrations


Stock Medical Illustrations Price: $350.00 ea. PDF electronic format includes a full-color Hi Resolution version for printing 3×4 ft boards and a Low Resolution version (suitable for projection at trial and/or 8.5 x 11 in. prints) Any Stock Illustration may be customized to more accurately reflect your case (additional hourly fee – maximum total fee $700.00) Contact us now… Stock […]

Custom Medical Illustrations


Custom Medical Illustrations As a direct outgrowth of his work in 3D animation, Dr. Shipley has pioneered a new approach to the production of medical illustrations. He starts by building custom 3D models in computer-space, then imports the models into the drawing board, arranging and lighting them to complete the image. Finally, text and any […]