Obesity and Bariatric Surgery Review

Vagal Blockade Bariatric Procedure

Obesity and Bariatric Surgery Lately I have been re-reading a fascinating book that I bought a few years ago called “The Clockwork Universe – Isaac Newton, the Royal Society, and the birth of the Modern World” by Edward Dolnick (HarperCollins 2011). The book focuses on the 17th century, and in particular, on the greatest minds […]

Aortic Dissection Review

aortic dissection

Aortic Dissection Review What do Lucille Ball, John Ritter and Jonathan Larson (author of Rent) all have in common? Well, yes, they were all involved in the entertainment industry, but they also all have the dubious distinction of having died of complications due to aortic dissection. Aortic Dissection: Function of the Aorta The aorta is […]