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atrial fibrillation
streptococcal septicemia
Cal Shipley, M.D.
Cal Shipley, M.D.

2022 marks the 22nd anniversary of the formation of Trial Image by Cal Shipley, M.D. His 22 years of professional medical graphics production, combined with 35 years of experience in clinical medicine, ensures the accuracy of his work, and greatly expedites the completion of projects.

Because he is a physician, Dr. Shipley can work peer-to-peer with your medical experts, eliminating the need for you to spend valuable time acting as a “go-between”. Dr. Shipley has never had a piece of animation disallowed at trial. The key to this success is that every project he completes is absolutely consistent with expert testimony.

After 22 years , he still loves the varied aspects of bringing a project to fruition and completion, whether it be deposition and record review, phone conferences with attorneys and medical experts, or the production of the compelling¬† animations which clients have come to rely on him for in case after case…

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Cardiac Ablation Atrial Fibrillation
spinal infection