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Maternal-Fetal Anatomy
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Biophysical Profile
Brachial Plexus
Cervix and Chorioamnionitis
Compound Presentation
Epidural Anesthesia
Fetal Heart Monitoring
Fetal Head Molding
Fetal Hypoxia
Fetal Movement
Fetal Neuron Migration Disorder
Fetal Prematurity
Fetal Shoulder Dystocia
Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR)
Maternal Diabetes
Normal Delivery

Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC and placental abruption) 

(narrated – 9:20) DIC occurring as a result of hemorrhage due to placental abruption (placenta previa) HEM041


Placental Anatomy-2

(3:13) Placental anatomy emphasizing function of umbilical arteries and veins, characteristics of normal fetal heart tracing. (with sound) OBS103


Placental Anatomy-4

(1:52) Placental anatomy depicting chorion, amnion and decidual layers, fetal and maternal circulation and umbilical vessels. (actual tissue slides integrated) OBS105 


Placenta anatomy in prematurity (2:12)

Comparison of fetal size at 24 weeks gestation versus full term. Placental anatomy, chorion, amnion, decidua, and maternal-fetal blood flow. (Tissue slides integrated). OBS231


Placental Abruption and Fetal Bradycardia

(1:15) Major central abruption with impairment of fetal oxygen flow, bleeding into amnios and vagina, sustained fetal bradycardia. (with sound) OBS107


Placental Abruption and Fetomaternal transfusion

(1:03) Central abruption with trophoblast rupture, interruption of oxygen flow and fetomaternal transfusion. OBS109


Placental Abruption with Sequestration

(2:21) Major central abruption with initial sequestration and hemorrhage, interruption of nutrient flow at microscopic and macroscopic levels, extension of abruption to periphery with massive hemorrhage into uterus OBS111


Placental Abruption Minor-2

(0:36) Minor peripheral placental abruption – no effect on fetal oxygen flow. OBS113



(0:50) Phenomenon of increased placental vascular channels due to chronic recurrent hypoxia. OBS114

Umbilical Cord
Uterine Rupture
Vacuum Delivery